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PowerHouse Feng Shui Podcast is for women who want more ease, flow, joy, abundance, goodness in their lives whilst stepping into their power. You're tired of feeling stuck, you're doing all the right things to change your life, but nothing is working as fast as you want it to. You want to live life full out, be fulfilled and happy. This is the missing piece of the jigsaw, tapping into universal source energy and the magic that transforming your home can create. You're excited and ready to learn what it takes to create more growth and expansion, without working any harder. Hosted by Patricia Lohan, author of The Happy Home, Your Guide to creating a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Life, you'll learn the ways you can easily become a manifesting magnet in your life and business. This is far more than decluttering or moving furniture. This is about accessing an un-utilised resource and turning your house into a magnet for more flow ease and magic. This is the show for you to spiritually and emotionally uplevel, because you're ready to power yourself and your home with Feng Shui.

Sep 21, 2020

Welcome back to our awe-inspiring series of interviews on the Wise Women Summit, where we have been talking to a remarkable list of guest speakers, who are all amazing in their own right. It has been wonderful so far and todays’ guest speaker is a wonderful lady, known to many as the Artist of the Light. An internationally acclaimed artist and a best-selling author, Roisin Firzpatrick, had a complete change of her perspective of life when she had a near death experience (NDE) in her thirties.

We have been reading stories of people with NDE and all of their stories have a common denominator - it's a blissful and profoundly beautiful experience. Her’s was perhaps exceptional because now, she is truly inspiring everyone to connect to the deepest truth of who we are. As she said, if we only recognize the deepest truth of who we are, we will never be afraid of death. After her NDE, it has been a continuous journey of absolutely leaps of faith.  

REMEMBER - "Your presence matters here on this planet." 

This week's tip is to limit or avoid the amount of red in your kitchen. Kitchen is the heart of the home, and it's linked to the wealth and prosperity of your home and life. So having excess fiery energy can have a fiery impact on your wealth and health. So eliminate or avoid fire in your kitchen so that you can have ease of finance and health.


  • Roisin’s short narrative of who she is and the spiritual awakening after her near death experience.
  • What happens in a near death experience
  • What is death all about
  • Why does her art depict different facets of light  
  • The reason why she wrote the book and the conscientious research she put into the book. 
  • Roisin’s final word or insight for the listeners.



Taking Heaven Lightly: A Near Death Experience Survivor's Story and Inspiration Guide to Living in the Light by Roisin Fitzpatrick



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