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PowerHouse Feng Shui Podcast is for women who want more ease, flow, joy, abundance, goodness in their lives whilst stepping into their power. You're tired of feeling stuck, you're doing all the right things to change your life, but nothing is working as fast as you want it to. You want to live life full out, be fulfilled and happy. This is the missing piece of the jigsaw, tapping into universal source energy and the magic that transforming your home can create. You're excited and ready to learn what it takes to create more growth and expansion, without working any harder. Hosted by Patricia Lohan, author of The Happy Home, Your Guide to creating a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Life, you'll learn the ways you can easily become a manifesting magnet in your life and business. This is far more than decluttering or moving furniture. This is about accessing an un-utilised resource and turning your house into a magnet for more flow ease and magic. This is the show for you to spiritually and emotionally uplevel, because you're ready to power yourself and your home with Feng Shui.

Mar 27, 2023

Many individuals find themselves trapped into operating from a place of what they should be doing rather than pursuing what truly brings them happiness. This is a common issue that people seek help with from Laura Horsburg, who guides individuals in shifting their perspectives, discovering their purpose, and navigating the various nuances of life.

In this episode, Patricia and Laura engage in a delightful conversation with Patricia bestowing the title of "Lucky Laura" upon her at the beginning of the conversation. However, the true value of the episode lies in the valuable insights shared on topics such as self-love, well-being, and the art of surrendering.

Enjoy listening!


Highlights of the episode…

  • What does Laura do to help people?

  • What is the role of yoga in her shift?

  • Patricia's own experience about yoga and the correlation of yoga and Feng Shui. 

  • The importance of the environment is to your well being.

  • How does following the breadcrumbs and not the shiny objects or what other people are doing, benefit business owners? 

  • How does Laura help people who want to tap into the state of just knowing?

  • The misconception of what self-love really is. (...Knowing who you are)



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