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It’s the podcast for Women who want to dream more wildly, live more vibrantly, and give back generously. You’ll learn how to have lasting success by applying the principles of spirituality, feng shui, energy and mindset through practical advice, inspirational interviews, spiritual solutions and energetic principals.

This is a must listen for the woman who wants their dreams to be their reality.

Sep 12, 2021

We are all creatives and being creative takes many different forms. Creativity is not only confined in the arts. In this episode of Live Your Dreams Awake, Patricia will have a very interesting conversation with Tiffany Neuman, the creative expert behind Patricia’s logo and branding. She is a top branding strategist and has worked with big named brands like Adidas, FedEx and Burts Bees.

Most savvy business owners understand the power of an amazing brand because it is owning what you want to see unfold for your business towards many generations ahead. Creativity is innate in all of us and it’s up to us to hone that talent and follow our own paths. Hear Tiffany’s amazing journey from corporate to being an entrepreneur, helping businesses create a legacy branding that will stand the test of time.


REMEMBER - "Your thoughts create things."


This week's tip is to enhance prosperity in your life. I would recommend enhancing your home with two different types of plants. One is called a lucky bamboo plant, which is a long tiny one with little twirls on the top of it. And the other is the Jade plant also known as the money plant. To attract more money and prosperity into your life, focus on bringing upward growing plants like the lucky bamboo plant and the Jade plant into your home.



  • How Tiffany Neuman has always been creative throughout her life.
  • Tiffany’s corporate journey and the transition to entrepreneurship.
  • Creative source from within at work and how it comes at the perfect time.
  • The idea of legacy branding and how it can bring impact to people.
  • Tiffany's journey in the training into NLP and integrating it in her works.
  • The favorite book of Tifanny which she highly recommends. 



Book that Tiffany recommends:  You 2: A High Velocity Formula for Multiplying Your Personal Effectiveness in Quantum Leaps by Price Pritchett




Instagram: @tiffanyneumancreative



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"Although I knew in my heart that just being an artist wasn't necessarily the easiest path so that's why I chose design and branding because I knew I could monetize that and make a business out of it."- Tiffany Neuman 

"That was definitely the universe having my back." - Tiffany Neuman

"We are creators whether it's creating a brand, or creating our future, creating relationships, all those things."- Tiffany Neuman

"All of my works comes through me."- Tiffany Neuman

"It always comes at the perfect time."- Tiffany Neuman

"Creativity comes in so many different forms and not necessarily just in the arts."- Patricia 

"Even just playing with the word legacy, people really always tended to gravitate towards it because it is bigger than ourselves."- Tiffany Neuman

"But just like anything else, most things can be used in a form of good or bad."- Tiffany Neuman

"I didn't realize how much mindset matters until I became an entrepreneur out on my own."- Tiffany Neuman