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PowerHouse Feng Shui Podcast is for women who want more ease, flow, joy, abundance, goodness in their lives whilst stepping into their power. You're tired of feeling stuck, you're doing all the right things to change your life, but nothing is working as fast as you want it to. You want to live life full out, be fulfilled and happy. This is the missing piece of the jigsaw, tapping into universal source energy and the magic that transforming your home can create. You're excited and ready to learn what it takes to create more growth and expansion, without working any harder. Hosted by Patricia Lohan, author of The Happy Home, Your Guide to creating a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Life, you'll learn the ways you can easily become a manifesting magnet in your life and business. This is far more than decluttering or moving furniture. This is about accessing an un-utilised resource and turning your house into a magnet for more flow ease and magic. This is the show for you to spiritually and emotionally uplevel, because you're ready to power yourself and your home with Feng Shui.

Jun 20, 2021

Have you noticed that repetitive symbols show up quite frequently in your life? These could be your spirit guides that want to connect or communicate with you. Don't brush them off as coincidence but trust the signs. They can open up magical possibilities in your life. 

This week, Live Your Dreams Awake offers a mystical conversation with psychic medium and mental health expert, Marilyn Alauria. It is sometimes a scary subject but it is enlightening to learn what guides are and why they exist. This is one special episode you wouldn't want to miss.

REMEMBER - "The dreams in our hearts are meant to be lived.”

This week's tip is all about your bed. First of all, it is really important that you have a strong sturdy bed and that it has a strong headboard. Why is it important to have a headboard on your bed? It represents support for yourself while sleeping but also having support in your life. Having a good mattress is also very important so you can have a good restful night sleep. So a combination of a strong wooden bed with a good mattress and a firm headboard makes a big difference.


  • Has Marilyn been always listening to guides? (...When did it all start?)
  • How did Marilyn pivot from working at MTV to doing what she does now?
  • Recognizing the signs, following them, and taking action.
  • How does one start to connect to their guides?
  • What happens to my loved ones when they cross over? (...Do they care how you treat them when they are alive?)
  • What are some symbolic languages guides use to communicate?



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"Timing is everything, we all just trust it."- Marilyn Alauria

"I believe that the dreams in our hearts are meant to be lived."- Marilyn Alauria

"I believe everyone is gifted, it doesn't matter what age we wake up to our gifts."- Marilyn Alauria

"In dream work, you have to learn the symbols of your dream and how to break them down."- Marilyn Alauria 

"It's not okay to crying like that every single day, it's not okay to be that miserable, we need to change and shift it."- Marilyn Alauria

"Start deciding what you feel is good for you."- Marilyn Alauria

"Guides are reflectors of your soul." - Marilyn Alauria