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It’s the podcast for Women who want to dream more wildly, live more vibrantly, and give back generously. You’ll learn how to have lasting success by applying the principles of spirituality, feng shui, energy and mindset through practical advice, inspirational interviews, spiritual solutions and energetic principals.

This is a must listen for the woman who wants their dreams to be their reality.

Aug 22, 2021

Having spent 15 years in the online space, working in media and production, Natalie made a 360 degree pivot into her true calling, the one that will serve her highest and best use in the world. Natalie MacNeil considers herself a transformation super nerd and has intensive training and certifications in a variety of modalities that she weave into her own methodology, to help people create extraordinary lives and businesses.

Patricia met Natalie in one of the masterminds and have been in each other’s radar since. In this episode of Live Your Dreams Awake, Natalie will share her spirituality, growth and business awakening and shifts.    

Enjoy listening! 


REMEMBER - "Everything in our world is cyclical."  


This week's tip is to replace burnt out light bulbs. Do you have burnt out light bulb or 

dimly lit areas in your home? It is time to reignite your light but also your energy. Having 

a burnt out light bulb can represent being burnt out in your life energetically. So get your life, 

light up your home and replace your light bulb for more vibrancy and energy in your life.



  • Natalie’s background in a nutshell, her journey and how she evolved.
  • How did the pivots in Natalie’s life happen?
  • Natalie talks about her latest book, “The Rituals: Simple Practices to Cultivate Well-Being, Deepen Relationships, and Discover Your True Purpose” and some of her favorite practices.
  • How Natalie integrates her own methodology, the Transformational Embodiment Coaching, into a variety of modalities in her work? 



Book that Natalie MacNeil wrote: The Rituals: Simple Practices to Cultivate Well-Being, Deepen Relationships, and Discover Your True Purpose by Natalie MacNeil

FREE meditation guide to step into success 



"What is my highest and best use in the world right now and that's really what guides me, that is my compass." - Natalie MacNeil

"With any pivot, it starts with a whisper, it starts feeling a little calling."- Natalie MacNeil

"Intuition is just perfect ." - Natalie MacNeil

"The space becomes very important, space to take time to reflect."- Natalie McNeil

"It is important for us to learn when our intuition needs to eclipse what seems like the logical choice. It's the flow that we have to find." - Natalie MacNeil

"We are all on different cycles in different times of our lives." - Natalie MacNeil

"Everything in our world is cyclical." - Natalie MacNeil

"I am big on letting things go and not clinging on to anything." - Natalie MacNeil

"When we let things go, we create space for the new that wants to come in." - Natalie MacNeil

"I feel like a weaver of different practices and rituals and ways of doing things, not clinging to any one way, how much more open can I be?"- Natalie McNeil




Instagram: @nataliemacneil



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